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REVELATIONS 2:17 – Promise Fulfilled in 1955

Revelations 2:17

Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. To everyone who conquers, I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give a white stone, and on the white stone is written a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it.

“Let anyone who has an ear”
Truth seekers.

“listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches”
Spirit, no higher authority. Churches, Christians.

“To everyone who conquers” (“overcometh”, KJV)
To those who can overcome their prejudices and previous learning.

“I will give some of the hidden manna”
Revealed Truth.  A revelation.  Bread for one’s soul.

“and I will give a white stone,”
Throughout history, the “white stone” has signified “yes”, INVIOLATE purity and the Truth.  The Urantia Book IS the “white stone”, signifying The INVIOLATE Truth.  THE ONLY BOOK WRITTEN BY ANGELS

“and ON the white stone is written a new name”
The new name “Urantia” is written on the cover of the book.  Urantia is the heavenly name for our world, planet Earth.

“no one knows except the one who receives it”
Will you be one who receives and accepts this new information ? Or will you be one who rejects and/or ignores it ?

The Urantia book states that it’s content is INVIOLATE.
“The Concentric Circles Symbol identifies the INVIOLATE text of The Urantia Book.”

The following is an affidavit certifying to the authenticity that the entire book was materialized with no human intervention or content.  The book is inviolate.

Dr. William S. Sader, M.D. was the chosen facilitator for organizing, over many years the presentation of the inviolate Truth contained in the Urantia Papers.

For more information, I would refer you to the book by Larry Mullins and Dr. Meredith Justin SprungerA History of the Urantia Papers, Jun 15, 2010.

Dr. Rev. Merideth Sprunger

Rev Dr. Merideth Sprunger

Dr. Sadler categorically declared that there was no known psychic phenomena attached to the origin of the Urantia Papers. The final TEXT OF THE URANTIA PAPERS WAS MATERIALIZED IN WRITTEN FORM, but it WAS NOT CHANNELED or spoken, nor was it the product of automatic writing. Dr. Sadler stated that although the Thought Adjuster (a fragment of God that indwells all normal human minds) of the “contact personality” was somehow engaged in the materialization process by spiritual beings, the contact person was totally unaware of this activity. Neither this contact person, nor any other human, wrote any of the text nor authored or originated any material used in the revelatory text of the Urantia Papers, which consist of the Foreword and the 196 Papers.

Although Dr. Sadler was emphatic that no known psychic phenomena were associated in any way with the authorship of the Urantia Papers, he admitted that he was baffled as to precisely how the text of the Urantia Papers WAS MATERIALIZED into the English language. He was very clear in his conviction that no human being edited, selected, or had any creative input whatever into the authorship of the Urantia Papers, nor in the arrangement of the text of The Urantia Book, which consists of the Foreword and Papers one through 196. Dr. Sadler was crystal clear that the members of the contact commission had no editorial authority whatever, and their responsibility was confined to spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Members of the forum were not even permitted to see the original materialized documents, and they had no input in their authorship. Dr. Sadler was convinced that the Urantia Papers are exactly what they purport themselves to be, an epochal revelation AUTHORED SOLELY BY CELESTIAL BEINGS.


Just as the New Testament outdated the Old Testament, it seems the Bible, Quran, and all other liturgy have become outdated by this new Revelation as it is revealed in the Urantia Book, 1955. The Urantia Book says it is a Revelation and was given to us to clear up any confusion. Please read the book before you judge with prejudice.  Especially Jesus’ sermon on the Good Shepherd.

“. . .Do not allow yourselves to become blinded by prejudice and paralyzed by fear. . . ” – Jesus 157:2.2

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THE GIFT OF REVELATION – Revelation 2:17, A promise fulfilled. “Hidden Manna”.

There have been many events of religious revelation but only five of epochal significance. These were as follows:

1. The Dalamatian teachings. The true concept of the First Source and Center was first promulgated on Urantia by the one hundred corporeal members of Prince Caligastia’s staff. This expanding revelation of Deity went on for more than three hundred thousand years until it was suddenly terminated by the planetary secession and the disruption of the teaching regime. Except for the work of Van, the influence of the Dalamatian revelation was practically lost to the whole world. Even the Nodites had forgotten this truth by the time of Adam’s arrival. Of all who received the teachings of the one hundred, the red men held them longest, but the idea of the Great Spirit was but a hazy concept in Amerindian religion when contact with Christianity greatly clarified and strengthened it.  92:4.5 

2. The Edenic teachings. Adam and Eve again portrayed the concept of the Father of all to the evolutionary peoples. The disruption of the first Eden halted the course of the Adamic revelation before it had ever fully started. But the aborted teachings of Adam were carried on by the Sethite priests, and some of these truths have never been entirely lost to the world. The entire trend of Levantine religious evolution was modified by the teachings of the Sethites. But by 2500 B.C. mankind had largely lost sight of the revelation sponsored in the days of Eden.  92:4.6 

3. Melchizedek of Salem. This emergency Son of Nebadon inaugurated the third revelation of truth on Urantia. The cardinal precepts of his teachings were trust and faith. He taught trust in the omnipotent beneficence of God and proclaimed that faith was the act by which men earned God’s favor. His teachings gradually commingled with the beliefs and practices of various evolutionary religions and finally developed into those theologic systems present on Urantia at the opening of the first millennium after Christ.  92:4.7 

4. Jesus of Nazareth. Christ Michael presented for the fourth time to Urantia the concept of God as the Universal Father, and this teaching has generally persisted ever since. The essence of his teaching was love and service, the loving worship which a creature son voluntarily gives in recognition of, and response to, the loving ministry of God his Father; the freewill service which such creature sons bestow upon their brethren in the joyous realization that in this service they are likewise serving God the Father.   92:4.8 

5. The Urantia Papers. The papers, of which this is one, constitute the most recent presentation of truth to the mortals of Urantia. These papers differ from all previous revelations, for they are not the work of a single universe personality but a composite presentation by many beings. But no revelation short of the attainment of the Universal Father can ever be complete. All other celestial ministrations are no more than partial, transient, and practically adapted to local conditions in time and space. While such admissions as this may possibly detract from the immediate force and authority of all revelations, the time has arrived on Urantia when it is advisable to make such frank statements, even at the risk of weakening the future influence and authority of this, the most recent of the revelations of truth to the mortal races of Urantia.  92:4.9