Man’s greatest victory

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Gary Tonge

131:6.2 “The Lord of Heaven is supreme. Those who commit sin will not ascend on high, but those who walk in the paths of righteousness shall find a place in hea

Jay D Urantia
Jay D Urantia 1 John 5:4 “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”

Nebadon Urantia
Nebadon Urantia We are not our inherited animal self. We are our Soul. Our personality and consciousness are parts of our soul. The accepted Spirit of Truth becomes a part of our Soul. Our Soul grows in Mota by experience, right thinking and good decisions/choices. Some Souls have more Mota than others and relates to our Spiritual Status. The Mansion Worlds are designed to get us completely separated from our egocentric materialistic animal selves leading to Adjuster fusion; when our TA becomes a part of our soul and shares our personality and outer consciousness in spirit while becoming visible.

As a Soul, to IDENTIFY with our TA leads to Eternal Life. To IDENTIFY with our animal self, leads to loss of a Soul’s Personality IDENTITY.

The Chief of Thought Adjusters on this planet is the Personalized Adjuster of Jesus. See then click on Chief of Thought Adjusters for more info.

Read the Life of Jesus to see how a human can train their inherited animal self leading to Adjuster fusion over time.

Organization chart of the NEBADON local universe…

Jay D Urantia
Jaime Leon
Jaime Leon Doy gracias a usted o ustedes, por esta información, que nuestro Padre de los universos, con los seres celestiales, nos guíen,también somos, asociación urantia acacias meta col, en este facebook tengo amigos no lectores de el libro de urantia, que los estoy conduciendo en oración y próximamente conducirlos a la adoración. Reciban un abrazo de fraternidad.

I give thanks to you, or you, for this information, that our father of the universes, with the celestial beings, guide us, we are also, Association Urantia Acacias goal cabbage, in this facebook i have friends don’t readers of the urantia book, that the I’m driving in prayer and coming soon to lead them to the worship. Receive a hug of fraternity.

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Nebadon Urantia
Nebadon Urantia

El Reino de los Cielos. Organigrama de nuestro Universo Local de NEBADON. Jerarquía de personalidades y…

Nebadon Urantia