Many Christians believe the Holy Spirit is the same Spirit as the Spirit of Truth, sometimes known as the Comforter. The Holy Spirit does not have a Personality and has been around since the appearance of mankind; the Spirit of Truth has the Personality of Jesus and has been around since the Ascension of Jesus. Because the Spirit of Truth has a Personality, it has to be asked to come into ones heart/Soul. This protection, of having to ask, was put into effect, at Pentecost,  to prevent people from becoming obsessed by evil personality spirits. Spirits without Personality have and can freely minister to us as some of the Adjutant Minds Spirits also administer to the animals. But the Spirits of Worship and Wisdom only minister to humans. However, people can still be obsessed by an evil personality spirit by asking it to come into their mind or soul or actions & thought that would allow evil to “draw near” such as channeling & such.. It is a freewill decision; but “asking