Our planet has never had a bestowal of an Avonal/Magisterial Paradise Son. Jesus, a Creator Paradise Son, was bestowed in the place of the usual Avonal/Magisterial Paradise Son. Only one planet in the whole universe gets the privilege of hosting a visit from it’s Paradise Creator Son. We should have been honored. Instead, Jesus, our Paradise Creator Son, was killed. Partially as a result of the Lucifer rebellion against Christ Michael/Jesus.

(382.4) 34:7.4 . . .The Caligastia [our apostate & de-throned Planetary Prince] upheaval precipitated world-wide confusion and robbed all subsequent generations of the moral assistance . . .

(228.4) 20:5.7 Though the possibility of disaster always attends these Paradise Sons during their bestowal incarnations, . . .

Jesus’ heavenly name is Michael of Nebadon, an only begotten personality Paradise Creator Son of the Universal Father & the Eternal Son. Our Father created Christ Michael/Jesus to create, administer & rule a local universe in the realm of time & space that revolves around Paradise. On the Eternal Isle of Paradise, there is no time or Space. Our Universal Father & the Eternal Son of the Holy Trinity, permanebtly reside in the middle of Paradise and never leave because they are the center of ALL Spiritual and Physical gravity. Paradise is an actual physical location.

Nebadon is the name of our universe that Christ Michael created; including us. Michael achieved Sovereignty after his life in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. The following is more detail from the Urantia Book in regards to Jesus’ unique nature and the nature of his mission. For a chart and more detail, you can go to &

The Mortal-Bestowal Careers of the Paradise Sons

(228.5) 20:6.1 The method whereby a Paradise Son becomes ready for mortal incarnation as a bestowal Son, becomes enmothered on the bestowal planet, is a universal mystery; and any effort to detect the working of this Sonarington technique is doomed to meet with certain failure. Let the sublime knowledge of the mortal life of Jesus of Nazareth sink into your souls, but waste no thought in useless speculation as to how this mysterious incarnation of Michael of Nebadon was effected. Let us all rejoice in the knowledge and assurance that such achievements are possible to the divine nature and waste no time on futile conjectures about the technique employed by divine wisdom to effect such phenomena.

(229.1) 20:6.2 On a mortal-bestowal mission a Paradise Son is always born of woman and grows up as a male child of the realm, as Jesus did on Urantia. These Sons of supreme service all pass from infancy through youth to manhood just as does a human being. In every respect they become like the mortals of the race into which they are born. They make petitions to the Father as do the children of the realms in which they serve. From a material viewpoint, these human-divine Sons live ordinary lives with just one exception: They do not beget offspring on the worlds of their sojourn; that is a universal restriction imposed on all orders of the Paradise bestowal Sons.

(229.2) 20:6.3 As Jesus worked on your world as the carpenter’s son, so do other Paradise Sons labor in various capacities on their bestowal planets. You could hardly think of a vocation that has not been followed by some Paradise Son in the course of his bestowal on some one of the evolutionary planets of time.

(229.3) 20:6.4 When a bestowal Son has mastered the experience of living the mortal life, when he has achieved perfection of attunement with his indwelling Adjuster [our Spirit], thereupon he begins that part of his planetary mission designed to illuminate the minds and to inspire the souls of his brethren in the flesh. As teachers, these Sons are exclusively devoted to the spiritual enlightenment of the mortal races on the worlds of their sojourn.

(229.4) 20:6.5 The mortal-bestowal careers of the Michaels and the Avonals, while comparable in most respects, are not identical in all: Never does a Magisterial Son proclaim, “Whosoever has seen the Son has seen the Father,