Things to come.

In regards to the riots in Spain & Greece and concern for the spreading of discontent to America.

Looks to me like creeping crony capitalism. Government interference in the free marketplace shutting down freedom for the Thought Adjusters. There are many in this country, also, that believe you can get something for nothing. Look at all the gambling and plantation politics. It seems to me that errors in people’s thinking are the root problem of the discontent.
The UB teaches what the consequences of “errors in thinking” could be. People need to learn to trust in God, believe in God, love God, worship God and pray to God: and learn to incorporate the religion of righteousness (doing God’s will), the religion of Jesus, into their everyday lives; to understand and believe that Urantia was NOT provided for unbounded self-gratification but as an opportunity for a person’s own individual spiritual advancement and salvation. Group salvation in sheep’s clothing, through government control, always ends in disaster. It is simply wrong thinking.