Thought Adjusters communicate with thoughts

Nebadon Urantia

July 19, 2012 at 1:54pm

The Thought Adjusters communicate with thoughts because they have no personality. When they Personalize and share your Personality, they can communicate directly like Jesus’ TA did when he was Baptized. Also, after they Personalize, angels can then see them and communicate directly with them. Before that, angels can only “sense” them. The Spirit of Truth was sent for your soul. The TA’s were designed for your mind. The SOT acts as an intermediary for your TA. You can carry on a conversation directly with the SOT, in your mind, because it has a Personality like any other person with which you would communicate; the SOT has the personality of Jesus. It helps make the Will of your TA more clear. It will always help you make the “right” decisions in life by expressing the Will of your TA.

(1511.1) 136:2.2 When Jesus of Nazareth went down into the Jordan to be baptized, he was a mortal of the realm who had attained the pinnacle of human evolutionary ascension in all matters related to the conquest of mind and to self-identification with the spirit. He stood in the Jordan that day a perfected mortal of the evolutionary worlds of time and space. Perfect synchrony and full communication had become established between the mortal mind of Jesus and the indwelling spirit Adjuster, the divine gift of his Father in Paradise. And just such an Adjuster indwells all normal beings living on Urantia since the ascension of Michael to the headship of his universe. . .

You have to ASK to have The Spirit of Truth because it has a personality; unlike the other spirits that minister to you. Discarnate personality obsession was shut down at the time of the resurrection; so in order for discarnate entities to possess you, you would have to ask (your Will). However, please ONLY ask for the SOT to come into your heart (soul) and ministrations of the Holy Spirit to your mind & body. You don’t need the hassle of any other personality and you could lose your soul. You only want to be “possessed” by the Spirit of Truth. It will always yield to your own Will.

With the SOT, there are many other benefits as well. You lose addictions and your life becomes more optimistic; “be of good cheer”. You begin to live and enjoy life “more abundantly”; both Spiritually and materially. And, most of all, you feel comforted and secure by “The Comforter”.

However, because the TA & SOT yield to your Will, don’t get “lost” again; “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be given unto you.” Follow a path of Righteousness and the Golden Rule. Forgive transgressors. Pray for others. Ask for forgiveness.

(1945.4) 180:2.1 Then Jesus stood up again and continued teaching his apostles: “. . .you will be able to commune freely with me. . .”
SOT = Jesus/ Michael; your creator, father & brother.

153:3.2 (1712.2)The Father has sent me into the world to show how he desires to indwell and direct all men; and I have so lived this life in the flesh as to inspire all men likewise ever to seek to know and do the will of the indwelling heavenly Father.