2 Peter 3:8–9
‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’

There doesn’t seem to be any lack of prophecies in regards to the promised return of Jesus. The recent prophecy, “Wait! Can we know the day of Jesus return?”, seems to me to be an inaccurate speculation with a bit of sensationalism bound together in tradition. We know from the “White Stone” [Rev 2:17], otherwise known as the Urantia Book, that Jesus would come back for a short while to rid this planet of evil and it’s evil perpetrators, to administer Justice, install a new Planetary Prince to take the place of Caligastia, and begin a new dispensation; or as some might call it, a new age.

As to when, it seems to me that it would probably be around May 18th 2030. A little over 12 more years from now. I base this probable guesstimation based on the fact that a dispensation time would have to be coordinated with Paradise time, not by Biblical tradition, and that the UB says we should reckon our time based on Jesus’ ascension date; which occurred May 18th, 30 A.D. at 7:45 AM.  Jesus was 36 years old.

The Master’s Ascension [193:5.1]
It was almost half past seven o’clock this Thursday morning, May 18, when Jesus arrived on the western slope of Mount Olivet with his eleven silent and somewhat bewildered apostles. From this location, about two thirds the way up the mountain, they could look out over Jerusalem and down upon Gethsemane. Jesus now prepared to say his last farewell to the apostles before he took leave of Urantia. As he stood there before them, without being directed they knelt about him in a circle, and the Master said:

“I bade you tarry in Jerusalem until you were endowed with power from on high [to receive his Spirit of Truth; which many have received over the years for the asking, including me]. I am now about to take leave of you; I am about to ascend to my Father, and soon, very soon, will we send into this world of my sojourn the Spirit of Truth; and when he has come, you shall begin the new proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, first in Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts of the world. Love men with the love wherewith I have loved you and serve your fellow mortals even as I have served you. By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to believe the truth that man is a son of God, and that ALL men are brethren. Remember all I have taught you and the life I have lived among you. My love overshadows you, my spirit will dwell with you, and my peace shall abide upon you. Farewell.

When the morontia [Part Spirit /Part Material] Master had thus spoken, he vanished from their sight. This so-called ascension of Jesus was in no way different from his other disappearances from mortal vision during the forty days of his morontia career on Urantia.

The Master went to Edentia [Capital of our Constellation] by way of Jerusem [Capital of our System] , where the Most Highs [3], under the observation of the Paradise Son, released Jesus of Nazareth from the morontia state and, through the spirit channels of ascension, returned him to the status of Paradise sonship and supreme sovereignty on Salvington. [The Capital of our Universe]

It was about seven forty-five this morning when the morontia Jesus disappeared from the observation of his eleven apostles to begin the ascent to the right hand of his Father [On the stationary Isle of Paradise], there to receive formal confirmation of his completed sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon.

So here we have the date of his ascension, May 18th, 30 A.D., 7:45 AM from which we are told to recon our time.

Using that date and time as a base to recon time, It seems we can estimate a date for his return based on the following logical realities.

The Urantia Book and the Bible tell us that a Paradise day is equivalent to 1,000 years of our time. The Universe seems to use the number 3 (i.e. The Trinity) very much; and, based on projection “as above, so below”, synchronization is based on the fact that Jesus rose on the third day after his crucifixion. iIt seems to me that we could guesstimate that Jesus would return here in three Paradise days. Three Paradise days would be approx. 2,000 years after his ascension plus the 1,000 years of promise peace in the Bible. This Planet has been under 2,000 years, or, 2 Paradise days, of evil & darkness. Will this planet rise again after 2 Paradise days of darkness into the light of a new age at the beginning of the 3ird Paradise day? If so, the beginning of the new age and 3ird Paradise day would appear to be approx May 18th, 2030. That’s pretty soon, only 12 1/2 more years. That would seem to be the date that would be in sync with Paradise time. Wouldn’t it be?

Bob Fogle The Master’s Second Coming [176:2.1]

On several occasions Jesus had made statements which led his hearers to infer that, while he intended presently to leave this world, he would most certainly return to consummate the work of the heavenly kingdom. As the conviction grew on his followers that he was going to leave them, and after he had departed from this world, it was only natural for all believers to lay fast hold upon these promises to return. The doctrine of the second coming of Christ thus became early incorporated into the teachings of the Christians, and almost every subsequent generation of disciples has devoutly believed this truth and has confidently looked forward to his sometime coming.

If they were to part with their Master and Teacher, how much more did these first disciples and the apostles grasp at this promise to return, and they lost no time in associating the predicted destruction of Jerusalem with this PROMISED second coming. And they continued thus to interpret his words notwithstanding that, throughout this evening of instruction on Mount Olivet, the Master took particular pains to prevent just such a mistake.

In further answer to Peter’s question, Jesus said: “Why do you still look for the Son of Man to sit upon the throne of David and expect that the material dreams of the Jews will be fulfilled? Have I not told you all these years that my kingdom is not of this world? The things which you now look down upon ARE COMING TO AN END, but this will be A NEW BEGINNING out of which the gospel of the kingdom will go to all the world and  THIS SALVATION will spread to all peoples. And when the kingdom shall have come to its full fruition, be assured that the Father in heaven will not fail to visit you with an enlarged revelation of truth and an enhanced demonstration of righteousness, even as he has already bestowed upon this world him who became the prince of darkness, and then Adam, who was followed by Melchizedek, and in these days, the Son of Man. And so will my Father continue to manifest his mercy and show forth his love, even to THIS DARK AND EVIL WORLD. So also will I, after my Father has invested me with all power and authority, continue to follow your fortunes and to guide in the affairs of the kingdom by the presence of my spirit [see The Spirit of Truth], who shall shortly be poured out UPON ALL flesh. Even though I shall thus be present with you in spirit, I also promise that I will sometime return to this world, where I have lived this life in the flesh and achieved the experience of simultaneously revealing God to man and leading man to God. Very soon must I leave you and take up the work the Father has entrusted to my hands, but be of good courage, for I WILL SOMETIME RETURN. In the meantime, my Spirit of the Truth of a universe shall comfort and guide you. [note: The Spirit of Truth needs to be asked for and accepted]

“You behold me now in weakness and in the flesh, but when I return, it shall be with power and in the spirit. The eye of flesh beholds the Son of Man in the flesh, but only the eye of the spirit will behold the Son of Man glorified by the Father and appearing on earth in his own name.

“But the times of the reappearing of the Son of Man are known only in the councils of Paradise; not even the angels of heaven know when this will occur. However, you should understand that, when this gospel of the kingdom shall have been proclaimed to all the world for the salvation of all peoples, and when the fullness of the age has come to pass, the Father will send to you another dispensational bestowal, or else the Son of Man will return to adjudge the age.

“And now concerning the travail of Jerusalem, about which I have spoken to you, even this generation will not pass away until my words are fulfilled; but concerning the times of the coming again of the Son of Man, no one in heaven or on earth may presume to speak. But you should be wise regarding the ripening of an age; you should be alert to DISCERN THE SIGNS of the times. You know when the fig tree shows its tender branches and puts forth its leaves that summer is near. Likewise, when the world has passed through the long winter of material-mindedness and you discern the coming of the spiritual springtime of a new dispensation, should you know that the summertime of a new visitation draws near.

“But what is the significance of this teaching having to do with the coming of the Sons of God? Do you not perceive that, when each of you is called to lay down his life struggle and pass through the portal of death, you stand in the immediate presence of judgment, and that you are face to face with the facts of a new dispensation of service in the eternal plan of the infinite Father? What the whole world must face as a literal fact at the end of an age, you, as individuals, must each most certainly face as a personal experience when you reach the end of your natural life and thereby pass on to be confronted with the conditions and demands inherent in the NEXT REVELATION [The Urantia Book/”White Stone” (Revelations 2:17)] of the eternal progression of the Father’s kingdom.