1 John 4:4   You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He that is in you [our Spirit Thought Adjuster] is greater than he who is in the world
It was during this same sermon that Jesus made use of his first and only parable having to do with his own trade — carpentry. In the course of his admonition to “Build well the foundations for the growth of a noble character of spiritual endowments,” he said: “In order to yield the fruits of the spirit [our Thought Adjuster], you must be born of the spirit [personality awareness transferred to our Soul]. You must be taught by the spirit [our TA] and be led by the spirit [our TA] if you would live the spirit-filled life among your fellows. But do not make the mistake [with our ego-centric animal mind] of the foolish carpenter who wastes valuable time squaring, measuring, and smoothing his worm-eaten and inwardly rotting timber and then, when he has thus bestowed all of his labor upon the unsound beam, must reject it as unfit [selfishness] to enter into the foundations of the building which he would construct to withstand the assaults of time and storm. Let every man make sure that the intellectual [our human & animal minds] and moral foundations of character are such as will adequately support the superstructure of the enlarging and ennobling spiritual nature [Soul growth], which is thus to transform the mortal mind [our human mind] and then, in association with that re-created mind, is to achieve the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny. Your spirit nature — the jointly created soul [our personality Will co-operating with our TA using our human mind to grow our Soul]— is a living growth, but the mind [our animal & human minds] and morals of the individual are the soil from which these higher manifestations of human development and divine destiny must spring. The soil of the evolving soul is human [our human mind] and material [our ego-centric animal mind], but the destiny [after Adjuster fusion] of this combined creature of mind and spirit [our enlightened soul implanted with our personality “combined” with our TA] is spiritual and divine.” 156:5.2