RE: UB131:3.4 “you work out your own salvation with perseverance”

Many people, today, seem to be confused about this. Many believe “Social Justice” (SJ) is their salvation. Doesn’t it seem to you that the pursuit of SJ can result in interference with the work of the Thought Adjusters (TAs) who are trying their best to bring Salvation to their individual; and everlasting life? When the human mind is focused on SJ, are they participating with others and the government in the exertion of their wills over the wills of others? Even though the Urantia Book teaches us that the Universal Father and our TAs have the deepest respect for our individual Wills; and that they will not interfere with our own individual Wills, why to we seek to exert interference with the Wills of others and the work of their TAs ? Doesn’t it seem to you that the pursuit of “Social Justice” (as “group” salvation) results in the control of one group’s Will over another and creates interference with the work of the TAs who continually try to teach us the importance of righteousness and to individually love one another as brothers & sisters under one very loving father? A father who cares for each one of us as his children? The use of government, as a tool, to take from one (without their consent) to give to another, does not seem would help us in our individual salvation. However, if one does not believe in the existence and responsibility to God or Michael’s Ascension Plan, for each individual’s salvation, who wishes, someday, to PERSONALLY receive the embrace of our Universal Father on Paradise, I guess it just doesn’t matter. For the unbeliever, could there be any such thing as evil or sin? Would true happiness and comfort be beyond their grasp as their TAs are ignored? How sad & unfortunate could the pursuit of “Social Justice” be as a substitute for the “working out our own salvation with perseverance”? Isn’t it better to “willingly” give to others, as righteous individuals doing God’s Will, for our own salvation ?

Olatunji Sunday
Olatunji Sunday Mr nebadon,The salvation of our soul has finished on cross of calvary by jesus christ.We hv to work it out by doing the right thing beliving on him.
Nebadon Urantia
Nebadon Urantia Yes, doing God’s will. Being a righteous person.