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Why we need the Spirit of Truth

Why we need the Spirit of Truth with it’s Personality (the Personality of Jesus) as a liaison between our Personality and our Thought Adjuster:

(1212.6) 110:7.5 When the evolving soul and the divine Adjuster are finally and eternally fused, each gains all of the experiencible qualities of the other. This co-ordinate personality possesses all of the experiential memory of survival once held by the ancestral mortal mind and then resident in the morontia soul, and in addition thereto this potential finaliter embraces all the experiential memory of the Adjuster throughout the mortal indwellings of all time. But it will require an eternity of the future for an Adjuster ever completely to endow the personality partnership with the meanings and values which the divine Monitor carries forward from the eternity of the past.

(1213.1) 110:7.6 But with the VAST MAJORITY of Urantians the Adjuster must patiently await the arrival of death deliverance; must await the liberation of the emerging soul from the well-nigh complete domination of the energy patterns and chemical forces inherent in your material order of existence. The chief difficulty you experience in contacting with your Adjusters consists in this very inherent material nature. So few mortals are real thinkers; you do not spiritually develop and discipline your minds [better education, meditation techniques] to the point of favorable liaison with the divine Adjusters. The ear of the human mind is almost deaf to the spiritual pleas which the Adjuster translates from the manifold messages of the universal broadcasts of love proceeding from the Father of mercies. The Adjuster finds it almost impossible to register these inspiring spirit leadings in an animal mind so completely dominated by the chemical and electrical forces inherent in your physical natures.

[This is where the Spirit of Truth can step in for those who sincerely ask for or desire it’s help]
(1952.4) 180:6.8 “Down here I have taught you in proverbs and spoken to you in parables. I did so because you were only children in the spirit; but the time is coming when I WILL TALK to you plainly [in our minds] concerning the Father and his kingdom. And I shall do this because the Father himself loves you and desires to be more fully revealed to you. Mortal man cannot see the spirit Father; therefore have I come into the world TO SHOW THE FATHER [your Thought Adjuster] to your creature eyes. But when you have become PERFECTED in spirit growth, you shall then see the Father himself.”

(1945.4) 180:2.1 . . .you will be able to commune freely with me . . .

(1213.2) 110:7.7 Adjusters rejoice to make contact with the mortal mind; but they must be patient through the long years of silent sojourn during which they are unable to break through animal resistance and directly communicate [the SOT can directly communicate; (180:2.1) “you will be able to commune freely with me”] with you. The higher the Thought Adjusters ascend in the scale of service, the more efficient they become. But never can they greet you, in the flesh, with the same full, sympathetic, and expression-full affection as they will when you discern them mind to mind on the mansion worlds. [Your Adjuster truly love you]

(1213.3) 110:7.8 During mortal life the material body and mind separate you from your Adjuster and prevent free communication; subsequent to death, after the eternal fusion, you and the Adjuster are one — you are not distinguishable as separate beings — and thus there exists no need for communication as you would understand it.

(1213.4) 110:7.9 While the voice of the Adjuster is ever within you, most of you will hear it seldom during a lifetime. [However, with the SOT, “you will be able to commune freely with me” (The “Comforter” & interpreter for your TA)] Human beings below the third and second circles of attainment rarely hear the Adjuster’s direct voice except in moments of supreme desire, in a supreme situation, and consequent upon A SUPREME DECISION.