[We are told our unique personality “remains absolutely unaltered“. Does that mean that every talent and ability that we have for our Father’s needs is imbedded to be unraveled throughout all eternity ? How does our personality change through our experiences ? Does personality change equal personality AWARENESS ? We know humans have different levels of AWARENESS that increases their understanding. For example, believing in God seems to be more easy for some than for others. Why is that ? It seems to me that it is because of one’s personality’s AWARENESS and, consequently, so also their understanding. The Religion of the Spirit & experience seems to not only help us to grow our souls which contain our spiritual survival values but also, to increase our personality’s AWARENESS, understanding & Wisdom as we unpack our POTENTIAL talents and abilities along the path that our Father gave us to meet his needs in all eternity. Commonly known as “fruits of the Spirit” for which we become known. We are ALL valuable in our Father’s eyes.]

Luke 2:49 And he said to them, "Why is it that ye have been seeking me? Did ye not know that I must be about my Fathers business?"
Luke 2:49 And he said to them, “Why is it that ye have been seeking me? Did ye not know that I must be about my Fathers business?

THE evolutionary planets are the spheres of human origin, the initial worlds of the ascending mortal career. Urantia is your starting point; here you and your divine Thought Adjuster are joined in temporary union. You have been endowed with a perfect guide; therefore, if you will SINCERELY run the race of time and gain THE FINAL GOAL OF FAITH, the reward of the ages shall be yours; you will be eternally united with your indwelling Adjuster. Then will you begin your real life, the ascending life, to which your present mortal state is but the vestibule. Then will you begin your exalted and progressive mission as finaliters in the eternity which stretches out before you. And throughout all of these successive ages and stages of evolutionary growth, there is one part of you that remains absolutely unaltered, and that is personalitypermanence in the presence of change. [We have a unique human personality; bestowed by our Universal Father, apparently upon our conception, for his needs in all eternity.]   112:0.1

The material self, the ego-entity of human identity, is dependent during the physical life on the continuing function of the material life vehicle, on the continued existence of the unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect which, on Urantia, has been given the name life. But selfhood of survival value, selfhood that can transcend the experience of death, is only evolved by establishing a potential TRANSFER of the seat of the identity of the evolving personality FROM the transient life vehicle — the material body — TO the more enduring and immortal nature of the morontia SOUL and on beyond to those levels whereon the soul becomes infused with, and eventually attains THE STATUS of, spirit reality. This actual TRANSFER from material association to morontia identification is effected by the SINCERITY, PERSISTENCE, and STEADFASTNESS of the God-seeking decisions of the human creature.  112:2.20  

[Note: An example of this PERSONALITY TRANSFER that can be read about in the Life and Teachings of Jesus, when Jesus was thirteen years old, here:

On the day before the Passover Sabbath, flood tides of spiritual illumination swept through the mortal mind of Jesus and filled his human heart to overflowing with affectionate pity for the spiritually blind and morally ignorant multitudes assembled for the celebration of the ancient Passover commemoration. This was ONE OF THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY DAYS that the Son of God spent in the flesh; and during the night, for the first time in his earth career, there appeared to him an assigned messenger from Salvington, commissioned by Immanuel, who said: “The hour has come. It is time that you began to be about your Father’s business.