Romans 13:11 – This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

There is no time on The Stationary Isle of Paradise where the personality presence of the Trinity live; never leaving Paradise.  Time requires motion.  Everyone on Paradise and the Central Universe are born as perfected beings.  When needed, Paradise uses Havona Time as it’s own time.  One Havona day is equal to 1,000 years of Earth time.  Those of us born “outside” of Paradise need time and experience in order to become perfected.  Thereby qualifying us to have a permanent residence on Paradise.  Human beings who have become perfected and are personally embraced by our Universal Father, are called Finaliters.  Those, who come from rebel worlds, like ours, can become Mighty Messengers.  The first contact, for the manifestation of the “White Stone”/Urantia Book, on this world was made by a Mighty Messenger from Paradise.  Finaliters & Mighty Messengers are the only type of beings that can “see” the physical plane, as we see it, where we live, having once been human. Our Universal Father and the Eternal Son on Paradise created Jesus who’s heavenly name is Michael of Nebadon.  Nebadon being our local universe.  Jesus, as Michael, was born a Paradise Creator Son.  He had his preparatory training on Paradise and Havona.  His type of being is created to work in the realms of Time & Space to create an environment for the birth of new human souls; then minister to us for the purpose of making us perfected beings; suitable enough to live and serve from Paradise with and for our Universal Father; who’s first command to all is to become perfect.  Jesus/Michael is the creator & Sovereign of our local universe.  The potential number of inhabited worlds in Jesus/Michael’s domain is 10,000,000; approximately 2/3irds, at this time, are inhabited.  So our universe (Nebadon) is still growing towards it’s full potential.  A human going beyond Nebadon requires Jesus’ permission and certification.  It’s why Jesus said “No-one goes unto the Father except by me.”
Our planet, earth/Urantia, was the 606th inhabited world in our System of 1,000 potential inhabited worlds.  Urantia is considered to be 1 billion years old.  At one time, Lucifer was the sovereign of our system, called Satania, until he rebelled.  The person who replaced him is LanaForge.

The Importance of Time from the “White Stone”:
Time is the one universal endowment of all will creatures; it is the “one talent